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There are three main research topics in the group: Synthesis of functional polymers, development and application of novel Click approaches, biomedical applications of polymers.

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Synthesis of Functional Polymers

In the lab, well-defined functional polymers in various architectures are designed, synthesized by controlled/living techniques such as ATRP, RAFT, ROP. The precursor functional monomers and initiators which are used in the subsequent polymerization are also designed and synthesized in the group.

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Click Chemistry and Conjugations

Recently, Click reactions have been widely employed in polymer and material science. We also use this powerful technique in polymer modification because of its advantageous features including occurring in mild conditions, quantitative yields, not generating byproducts, and high specifty. We also try to contribute by developing new Click approaches which can be used in polymer modification or attaching to molecules together. Especially, in recent years, we focus on Tetrazine mediated Inverse Electron Demand Diels Alder (IEDDA) Reactions.

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Biomedical Applications of Polymers

Polymers as an important material are widely utilized in biological, medical, pharmaceutical fields. For instance, advanced drug carrier systems and diagnostic tools depends on functional polymers. In the group, we design and produce polymers according demands and needs of other groups in collaboration.

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